Strategic Marketing in Planned Giving and Nonprofit Fundraising

Strategic Marketing in Planned Giving and Nonprofit Fundraising

For far too long, the nonprofit sector has thought too small when it comes to marketing. At ARCHITECT Brand + Design Collective, we see things a bit differently. Nonprofit marketing and effective storytelling consist of activities, touchpoints and messages that motivate stakeholders to take action that advance your mission and create sustainable social change. By focusing storytelling to the domains of raising awareness and raising funds, you can sustain the organization and continue to advance the mission for the long-term. If your nonprofit wants to advance its mission and drive meaningful, measurable change, marketing and effective storytelling simply must be integrated into everything you do. When leveraged properly, storytelling can change the world. Be an architect of ambition. Let’s work together to tell an incredible story today.

Lauren Tudor | ARCHITECT Brand + Design Collective

Wednesday, May 3 | 10:30am-11:30am

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