Artificial Intelligence and Fundraising

Artificial Intelligence and Fundraising

Artificial intelligence for nonprofits has been a trending topic for quite a while now. Even before the challenges of 2020 forced organizations to adapt their tech strategies, AI and machine learning for nonprofits were generating a lot of buzz—and a lot of confusion.

A deluge of announcements and thinkpieces over recent years has made it clear that AI-driven fundraising is the next major trend for savvy nonprofits. However, without a clear understanding of how this technology actually translates into on-the-ground fundraising results, exciting tech developments can be more confusing than useful for your fundraising team.

What exactly is artificial intelligence for nonprofits? What is machine learning? How can they actually drive smarter fundraising and build better relationships in planned giving?

If you’ve been asking questions like these, you’re not alone. In this crash course, we’ll walk through all the essentials and show how AI technology has evolved to finally deliver everyday value for nonprofits of all sizes!

Aleksandra Chojnacki, Dataro

Tuesday, May 14 | 9:00am